110 years of history

The value of a Group lies also in its history and origins

Salini Impregilo's story begins in Italy in 1906, with a great vision: to grow through the construction of large-scale infrastructure that would endure over time, symbols of progress for future generations which define Man's development and history.

It is a story of Italian ingenuity and effort. A story of many families and entrepreneurs who united to bring together the values symbolised by professional excellence and ethics. The Group's early years ran parallel with those of Italy, building infrastructure that accompanied the growth of our country. In the 1950s, the Group subsequently expanded into Europe and soon reached Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The excellence represented by Italian ingenuity is narrated through epic works, including: the Abu Simbel temples (Egypt), Africa's dams (from Kariba to Ethiopia's hydroelectric plants), the metro systems of Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen and Riyadh (which are redesigning sustainable mobility in some of the world's most densely-populated cities), Italy's “Autostrada del Sole” and its high speed railway that has facilitated the economic and social integration between the north and south of the country.

Our Group has undergone a profound transformation: from its origins as an Italian company of the first years of the 20th century to today’s global group. This is the dream of many different generations of builders and companies, realised through a series of reorganisations and corporate transformation processes which, cumulatively, have come to define the Group in the modern era. More than a century of impossible challenges that have resulted in tangible solutions which drive forward the frontiers of technical and engineering excellence.

“Present and Future of Infrastructure”: Salini Impregilo celebrates 110 years of history

September 27, 2016 - On occasion of the 110th anniversary of Salini Impregilo, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi set a challenge for Group Chief Executive Pietro Salini concerning the project to build a bridge over the Strait of Messina. «We have to bring Sicily closer by creating 100,000 jobs,» Renzi said in a speech at the inaugural event at the Triennale di Milano museum. «If you are in condition to show us that your papers are in order and can unblock what has been halted for 10 years, we’re behind you».

Salini accepted the challenge at the event “Present and Future of Infrastructure”, which was attended by U.S. Ambassador John Phillips, Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni and Jeffry Frieden, professor at the Department of Government at Harvard University.

«The negative stories about Italy’s lack of competitiveness are proven wrong by the men and women of business and engineering,» Renzi said. Renzi then lauded the Italian companies that had ventured abroad: «Long live the companies that risk and give it all they’ve got and are not satisfied with simply looking at the past. Recovering the ability to dream is very much tied to engineering and planning... »

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Delivering the future for the past 110 years

“Beyond - Delivering the Future for the Past 110 Years" is the exhibition organized by Salini Impregilo at the Triennale di Milano between September 27 and November 6, 2016, celebrating the 110 years of history.

The exhibition introduced the public to the world of infrastructure by using a completely new language, following the example of big events whose impression on the visitor remains long after they have ended. It did more than simply inform, but surprise and even move. Beyond received 22,000 visitors: engineers, architects, university students, families and school children.

The multimedia and multisensory exhibition, invited visitors to immerse themselves in public works built during the course of more than a century on every continent through photography, video, sounds and evocative odors. Through eight rooms, visitors embarked on a journey through the new Panama Canal, atop the big dams of China, Ethiopia, Argentina, Colombia and Pakistan, inside cultural centres in Rome and Athens, across roads and bridges that make up the spine of countries like the United States, and inside the metros of Paris, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco and Riyadh.

It was the first time that infrastructure was presented in such an innovative way. The public works on display not only speak of the experience of Salini Impregilo, but the development of nations thanks to dams that supply electricity, trains and metros that reduce air pollution and buildings whose beauty and grandeur evoke the challenges that lie ahead.

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110 years
of future

“This book seeks to share the path tradden in these past 110 years of dreams and passion, the history of its founders, and, through the history of the globe, it tracks the most important projects that have brought us to where we are today, and thanks to which we will continue to challenge history. It is a story that we are proud to tell".

Pietro Salini, CEO

110 years to collect

The stamp belongs to “The Excellence of the national production and economic system" series. It celebrates the 110th
anniversary of Salini Impregilo.

More than a century of impossible challenges that have become tangible solutions and that drive forward forward the frontiers of technical and engineering excellence.


“Salini Impregilo: 110 years of future”

A film by Giovanni Minoli

“What does the largest artificial lake in the US have in common with the most sophisticated European public mobility system? A challenge and a name: Salini Impregilo. 110 years of experience of national and international projects in every large-scale infrastructure sector. 110 years to build a great company, capable of representing the Italian excellence that wins abroad.”

Giovanni Minoli’s film gives a compelling account of the Group’s 110 years. It tells the story of the families and of the companies that merged and transformed themselves. He interviews the protagonists and by provides documentary reportage of five mega-projects, which have set new records in global engineering: Copenaghen’s Cityringen Metro, The New Panama Canal, Lake Mead’s Hydraulic Tunnel, Athens’s Cultural Centre and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

“We firmly wish to go beyond our successes and meet new challenges by offering innovative solutions. Our engineering know-how is unrivalled. We focus on building large-scale projects everywhere, because Man always wishes to improve the quality of his life”.
Pietro Salini, CEO

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Sabbione Dam - Italy (1953)


Beyond:110 Years of Global Infrastructure

“We Build Value” celebrates the advancement of public works across the globe from the early 1900s to the present day.

In a special issue entitled “Beyond: 110 Years of Global Infrastructure”, the Digital Magazine looks at the impact that public projects have had on entire nations through the stories of seven projects that marked the 110 years of Salini Impregilo’s history.

The projects include the highway system of the United States, the Recco Bridge in Italy, the Tarbela Dam in Pakistan, the Kingdom Centre in Saudi Arabia, the dams of Ethiopia, the Rosario-Victoria Bridge in Argentina and the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Swtzerland.

Their stories are a tribute to the visions of development that have transformed entire nations for more than a century.

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